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This is a forum where you can simply start discussions on the pro peloton, the riders, an epic ride you did the other week near Echternach, or the best bike stores to go to. You name it. It basically functions as a chat – whatever pops up, note it down and share with the other forum members. Make this a lively and highly entertaining forum – we from CyclistForum Luxembourg will certainly do our best…

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For Sale

This is the on-line marketplace of the CyclistForum Luxembourg! If you for instance want to sell your bike, some bike components which are only making dust in the cellar, or your still good quality helmet or glasses, this is the forum!!! Post your item, ask for a reasonable price and off you go. However, make sure to register and to have read (and obey…) the Rules of the Game. It simply makes life easier. Really. At least ours…

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This is a forum where you can search for your oh so wanted bike stuff that you could never find before! Are you in desperate need of a particular component, looking for that peculiar coloured saddle, need an off-market wrench for your old Campa bracket, or simply a Force 10 speed cassette in a specific combination? This is the place to go to… Post your query and let the forum does the searching for you! It works!

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Revised website – the “CyclistForum Luxembourg 2.0”

Yes, you will by now have noticed that the lay-out of the website has been changed. We are experimenting a little to come to [...]

Forget Brexit – it is Track Cycling in London/the UK

Forget the discussion on Brexit. Who cares? At least not for the next couple of days, as I will be focused on the Worlds [...]

Uphill Challenge Luxembourg

This is the teaser only... Save the date; more information to follow. When: Sunday 05 June 2016 Where: Charly's Gare Hostert, 11h00 - 14h00 [...]

Andy Schleck Cycles – Itzig

Open for a good month now, the Andy Schleck cycling store. The newest cycling store in Luxembourg. And with a true appealing name and [...]

Fake driver’s licences? Really?

You will have noticed the re-occurring post on fake ID's and driver's licences and so on. As much as we have tried to block [...]

The next BAFF event

Hi cycling lovers, I received an email from the BAFF organisers. They have their next event on March 12. Below the relevant info. Go [...]


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